Racing Hype

After years of anticipation, "Racing Hype" has finally arrived.

Racing Hype specialises in importing and distributing products with a dedicated focus on the industries that led to our creation.

For rental karting venues, we are creating a central hub where you can buy everything you need, except the fuel or electricity to run your business. This comes with the added advantage of expert support and no inflated prices.

For competitors in the automotive sectors we're passionate about, you now have access to the finest products from around the globe. Our commitment to motorsport ensures high-quality offerings without the excessive markups.


Rental Karting Supplies

This is your one-stop destination for Consumables and Hardware to cover all of your Karting venue needs.

Top quality items direct from the manufacturer, selected by industry operators and proven reliable in Australian karting venues.

Stocked here in Australian warehouses and available to your door at the best possible prices.


Rental Karts

We confidently cover all your kart fleet needs! Whether you're starting a brand new karting facility or looking to expand your existing one, we've got you covered with our exceptional range of Brand New CRG Rental Kart Fleets and reliable second hand fleets to suit your budget.


Racing Parts

Sourced from all over the world, we have found those 'hard to find' parts you are looking for. Explore our Automotive Racing Parts today and join the ranks of champions who understand what it takes to race at the front of the pack. Your victory lap starts here!


Nankang Motorsport Tyres

Racing HYPE is now the official distributor and experts for Nankang Motorsport on the Gold Coast. Our main objective is to maximise your tyre's performance on the track.

Our range covers several categories including; Excels, Group N Touring Cars, RX8, Junior/Production Speedway Sedans, and much more. All available at the cheapest price possible.