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CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion 2-Seater" Honda GX Petrol powered Dual Kart

CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion 2-Seater" Honda GX Petrol powered Dual Kart

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CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion 2-Seater" Honda GX Petrol powered Dual Kart.

The Centurion 2-Seater is the kart that should never be missing from the range available at a rental kart track. It allows you to introduce the little ones or the less experienced, as passengers, to this beautiful sport. For those being transported, the seat is the same as the driver's, with the addition of a seat belt, while the steering wheel (fixed) represents a further support to increase safety.

The goal of CRG technicians in creating the "Centurion 2-Seater" was to guarantee the highest safety standards while seeking maximum simplicity and lightness. 

Of course, with increasing weight, it is also necessary to increase the stopping ability - For this reason, the 2-Seater is equipped as standard with a braking system aspired from CRG's racing heritage, with calipers not only on the rear axle, but also on both of the front axles to ensure both top performance in driving ability and once again, safety.

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Specifications Sheet:  

Kart: CRG Centurion 2-seater, powered by Honda GX270, fully equipped - as standard


Molybdenum steel with 32 mm diameter tubes


Full diameter 30 mm

Braking system

Front and Rear, self-ventilated, with automatic slack recovery system and "gas cut" system


Universal joint and nylon tie rods



Pedal board



Dual stop with LED lights

Clutch oil

ATF III 500ml

Motor oil

10-W-30 1Lt


Chain or belt, chosen by the customer



Rear tires


Front tires



In thermoformed plastic complete with CRG adhesive kit


Honda GX270

Pedal board

Adjustable as standard


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