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CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion E-Drenaline" Linde Electric powered Adult Kart

CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion E-Drenaline" Linde Electric powered Adult Kart

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CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion E-Drenaline" Linde Electric powered Kart.

Without question, the CRG "E-Drenaline" is the absolute pinnacle of Electric Powered Rental Karts available worldwide.

The high-tech content of the "E-Drenaline" jumps out at first sight with its racing-inspired multifunctional steering wheel. Your customers can not only alter the electronic pedal adjustment controls but are able to monitor the data of real time power usage before engaging 'extra boost' at the simple push of a button!

Powered by 2x 48v Battery units specifically mounted as low in the chassis as possible, ensures the 2x Linde 6kw power plants which feature N IMPRESSIVE regenerative energy recovery system, allows for in excess of 1 hour of continuous operation before needing to be 'fast charged'.

Another kart in the CRG Centurion range to come standard with Hydraulic front brakes, combined with the twin engine regeneration braking on the rear ensures not only can they stop on a dime but offer handling characteristics that literally place them in a class of their own. 

If you are genuinely looking at purchasing Electric Karts for your facility, we encourage you to drive and get an understanding of every option available to you prior to inspecting & sampling the "E-Drenalin".

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