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CRG Rental Karts

CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion Senior" Honda GX Petrol powered Adult Kart

CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion Senior" Honda GX Petrol powered Adult Kart

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CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion Senior" Honda GX Petrol powered Adult Kart.

Depending on the power level you want to offer your customers, the CRG Centurion Senior is available as standard with a 270cc engine or, optionally, 390cc with electric starter included in the price.

These CRG Centurion Senior karts are built using the highest quality molybdenum steel with 32 mm diameter tube chassis, incorporating the engineering design from decades of racing heritage and success being blended into the reliability required within the Rental industry and sleek aesthetics of the thermoformed protective body panels.

Beneath the Body panels you find top tier safety design across the entire Centurion series, such as the perimeter bumper system with differential impact absorption capable of handling the heaviest inevitable impacts these karts experience in the rental industry, protecting not only the driver, but also the kart chassis via the separate crash frames designed as a failsafe to prevent cracks and snaps of the karts core chassis.

Braking is handled as standard by a hydraulic Monoblock caliper with automatic slack recovery and a large 20mm thick, self-ventilated brake disc on the rear axle. However, true to it's racing culture, the front knuckles have provisions for an optional front brake system if desired.

Additionally you have dual brake lights at the rear of the kart and safety belts as standard equipment.

Moving into the comfort and fit of the driver, the pedals are conveniently and efficiently adjustable via a simple lever beside the steering wheel to release the pedal slide locking pin.

The sliding pedal box is fitted with a gas strut which pushes the pedals toward the driver on release of the pin, allowing the driver to push the pedals outward with their feet for the correct placement, with the pin locks into place once the lever is released.

CRG, with its racing team, has won dozens of international titles around the world in the most prestigious races. All the experience gathered on the racing fields has been poured into the Centurion, adapting it to rental needs. This philosophy is also pursued in the stylistic choices: it is no coincidence that the Centurion "wears" the sticker kit with the colors of the official CRG racing team.


Specifications Sheet:  

Kart: CRG Centurion Senior, powered by Honda GX270, fully equipped - as standard


Molybdenum steel with 32 mm diameter tubes


Full diameter 30 mm

Braking system

Rear, self-ventilated, with automatic slack recovery system and "gas cut" system


Universal joint and nylon tie rods



Pedal board



Dual stop with LED lights

Front end geometries

Adjustable with eccentrics on the spindle pins

Clutch oil

10-W-30 300ml

Motor oil

10-W-30 1Lt


Chain or belt, chosen by the customer



Rear tires


Front tires



In thermoformed plastic complete with CRG adhesive kit


Honda GX270 - GX390

Pedal board

Adjustable as standard


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