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CRG Rental Karts

CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion Mini Junior" Honda GX Petrol powered Cadet Kart

CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion Mini Junior" Honda GX Petrol powered Cadet Kart

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CRG Rental Kart - New - "Centurion Mini Junior" Honda Petrol powered Rental Kart.

Specifically designed for the younger drivers in the 7–13-year age bracket, it's clear to see on inspection of all aspects of the Centurion Mini, the safety element was again, like it's big brother, the critical focus.

Considering from the outset that these karts are to be driven primarily by lighter weight youths, for many it would be their first driving experience, meaning the potential reality for these drivers and karts to incur a collision of some nature during operation is more than likely.

With the knowledge that youths generally place their body into a 'limp' mode just before any impact and the type of impacts sustained to the driver and kart, CRG studied multiple elements from many perspectives to then ascertain the following key criteria to assist the drivers under every circumstance, in order to maximise their ability to actually drive the kart with ease:

The kart must give the new driver instant confidence when driving it, therefore the correct geometry was imperative and the use of a Cardan (Universal) Joint within the steering column, (majority are straight tube) greatly assisted in making the kart very easy to steer. The target result was to ensure when turning the wheel, it turns as they would like, without the desire to 'fight' them. 

- The kart had to be well balanced (Stable) in the rear to ensure a consistent feeling every lap. To achieve this, firstly a proper 30mm axle using a 3-bearing layout was chosen. Then the decision to ensure that the precise location for the seat mounting was then 'locked in' place (A crucial element for achieving correct balance and driver feel in Professional Kart Racing). And then lastly, the kart had to have a perfect combination of balance and feel through the braking pedal and operating mechanisms. (As often beginners either use too little or too much brake force).

- Finally, to ensure ultimate safety the purposely - fixed - seating position has been fully integrated into the complete bodywork, the roll bar and the 4-point seat harness. Lastly, CRG then installed the smartly designed & easy to use adjustable pedal system, which indeed has the reach to cover both the longest and shortest drivers.

The result of all this has then provided not only the safest cockpit pit / seating arrangement, but the most aesthetically appealing Go Kart you are likely to come across. Swooping entirely around the driver, the front wheels and then into the flooring section, all creating that unique cockpit look.

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Specifications Sheet:  

Kart: CRG Centurion Mini, powered by Honda GX120, fully equipped - as standard


Molybdenum, 30 mm diameter tubing


Solid axle, 3 bearing 30 mm diameter

Brake system

Rear self-ventilated discs with hydraulic self-adjustment system and gas shut-off function

Steering assembly

Cardan joint and nylon tie rods




Return-spring adjustment system


Twin LED stop-lights


with silencer

Clutch oil

10-W-30 500ml

Engine oil

10-W-30 600ml


Choice of belt-drive or chain-drive



Rear tyres


Front tyres


Bumper kit

Thermoformed plastic


Thermoformed plastic with CRG stickers


Honda GX120

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